Saturday, December 6, 2014

Enter 10,000 People

We had our first rehearsal with all the singers today.  10,000 of them, likely give or take a few due to uncontrollable factors.  After playing this concert twice previously, some of the novelty has admittedly worn off, but it is still incredible to see so many people surround us, to hear so many Japanese voices singing in German, to watch so many Japanese hands applaud, glittering the coliseum.  And they all are so happy and grateful to be there.  There is a lottery for the opportunity, and these two days are a culmination of a long process for them.  They are happy to laugh at jokes, to acknowledge introductions, to quickly correct any slight blemish of their performance.  It's great to be in the middle of 10,000 happy people, singing together, and to play with them.  Tomorrow will be my final day in the ring.  Looking forward to it.

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