Saturday, August 30, 2014

Two Older Japanese Gentlemen

For two hours Sakakibara-san and his friend ordered more dishes, drank beer, spoke to me in mixed English and Japanese, and I watched as their sobriety faded into sarcasm, "Yutaka is so young!"  his friend said.  They both laughed.  "Haha, yes I am 48!"–the reverse of his actual age.  "I was a very rich banker!  I own ten homes all over Japan! I own all the shrines in Japan!  They are my favorite!"  One of them watched me eat everything that was brought to the table with great interest, I suppose waiting for me to react.  He pointed to the menu and asked if I could read it, laughing.

It was a jolly time of sorts and now I have tried more Japanese foods and have been given a photo album of the Takarazuka fireworks and the TIFA concert we played this summer.  I'm happy to have them and have shared the evening.

Sakakibara-san and friend

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