Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nodame Concerts and Audiences

One Nodame concert completed, one more to go tomorrow.  This is a very interesting concert premise to me.  Based on an anime series about conservatory music students, this concert features some of the major pieces that are featured in the series, along with sketches projected on a back screen.  It also serves as an adult Wakuwaku concert with a fair amount of talking by the conductor.  We play some excerpts from the pieces and alter them to see if the audience can spot the difference.  The conductor speaks with the soloists after they perform, and whenever there is a solo in the orchestra, the instrument and player's name are projected on the screen, sort of like when someone makes a great play in sports.  At the end of the concert, as we play the encore, credits roll along with pictures that were taken of us during the orchestra rehearsals.

It's an interesting idea for making orchestral concerts more accessible.  We do play entire works.  But things are broken down a little more and personalized a little further as well.  It's cool that classical music can be the basis for an anime series in Japan and great that such a concert (two of them) can sell out for it.  I wonder if such a thing would be possible in America.  It's the golden egg to figure out how to sell out orchestral concerts in America, and it happens without fail here.  Just trying to take note.  Perhaps there is something deeper than anime to answer why there is such an appreciation for classical music in Japan.  Whatever the reason, I appreciate this appreciation.  Many thanks to all the people who listen.

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